Monday, 18 September 2017

ICC days of action


On the Island of Rugen we had fine stormy weather, fantastic girls and boys and two messages in a bottle. They were send two days earlier from Warnemünde (about 80km)and obviously "speed swam", drifted eastward with the storm to this coastline near Dranske. Amazing.

Warnemünde - information day about marine litter from various organisations - EUCC-D, NAJU, BUND, DJH, up cycling atelier, beached art

Thursday, 14 September 2017

International Coastal Cleanup Day 2017

It is the weekend of the annual International Coastal Clean-up Day initiated by Ocean Conservancy. A worldwide day of action to clean up beaches and shores.
This year I am not going to organize a beach clean-up because I am invited to join a group of schoolchildren and the teacher who is doing this for years and years with his pupils on the island of Rugen in Germany. Fantastic!
On Saturday 10:00 there will be an information event at the lighthouse Warnemunde with different organisations working on the subject of marine litter. A beach clean-up starts at 14:00.
See you there!