Sunday, 16 September 2012

ICC 2012


The weather was stormy and sunny at the beginning and in the end it showered. Difficult to open the bag and prevent the trash from flying around. In this time of the year the German beaches are cleaned up by the tourist department. But I found this beach that wasn´t worth it (?!).

Friday, 7 September 2012

international coastal cleanup day

This is the essence of the Surfrider Ocean Initiatives 2012 from March this year. A knight fighting for "le fish tradition", a plastic rose, earplugs, cartridge case , a rope, plastic bags, fishing line, lighters, sand toys, plastic bottles - a classical mix.
Now is the time for the annual International Coastal Cleanup Day from Ocean Conservancy - 3.weekend in September.  All over Germany there are just 3 registered cleanups. But as far as I know there are about 4-5 more from environmental organisations - NABU, DEEPWAVE. In the UK there are 120! beaches going to be cleaned up at the great MCS beach watch weekend!
I am going to do a small beach cleanup.