Saturday, 3 December 2011

trash travels/global garbage

Hi Sylvie, wie versprochen habe ich ein Foto mit einer internationalen Müllkollektion gemacht. Teilnehmer sind - neben Deutschland an erster Stelle - Dänemark, Schweden, Russland, Litauen, Polen, Großbritannien, Niederlande, Italien, USA, Südostasien. Mit Abstand am meisten findet man Lebensmittelverpackungen. Von der Milchtüte bis zum Bonbonpapier.

It is a collection of global trash in the baltic sea - from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Latvija, Poland, - baltic states - but also from UK, Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, USA, and South Asia.
(Sylvie is a student and she is going to become a master of marine litter! Isn´t that great?)


  1. How sad to see all of this litter. So good that Sylvie is going to master in it though! Pruxxx

  2. What does a master of marine litter do?

  3. She is studying marine biology and is doing some research on marine litter in the baltic sea, on the beaches, in birds nests...

  4. Hey you,

    within the scope of my diploma thesis in Ecology I work on the topic of "marine and coastal litter on German beaches of the Baltic Sea". It means I analyse data about amount of stranded beach litter (type of items, weight, volume, trends) of different beaches and to suggest a standardized monitoring method. Another aspect are model simulations of ship traffic, so I try to find out where to find hotspots of litter accumulations. A third aspect concerns the ecological impacts of litter in nests of the great cormorant.
    If you find/have any interesting data/statistics about the topic, please inform me.