Thursday, 2 December 2010

maritime xmas deco

Today we have heavy snowfall and strong winds across the baltic sea. Chaotic, but I like it.
I played a little bit with shell garlands. Also for the chandeliers. They are beautiful. Simple and maritime. But a lot of work. They are small and fragile. The blue bulbs(?) are from IKEA. And - of course - made from glass - but I fear they made the long way from China across the oceans to Europe. Shame on me to buy it. Usually I try to avoid it.


  1. Yep, but there are only two and they do add to your stunning creations... I adore what you've done here. Thanks for the inspiration. Pruxxx

  2. Pru - you are so kind! In fact I had to buy a box of 4 pieces. And I am discussing with myself to allow me to buy another 4. The blue is fantastic.
    And: your angels are beautiful and funny!!