Thursday, 19 August 2010


Hi Jenn - I copied your style just for fun only once. It was so tempting to try by myself. But as you can see I am not good with the fototechnics.
Thank you for beeing my first follower! My friends and family are too lazy to join in.

drift wood pieces

I went to the steep coast this morning. To collect only small driftwood pieces for the beach kitsch series. But I could not resist picking up the colours.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

clean up the world weekend

I have just been registering for "clean up the world weekend" on Sept.17-19, 2010. Don´t know yet where and who is going to participate. But I needed to make a start. This morning I went swimming on a clean and empty beach - the season is ending - and it was so wonderful except for a lot of garbage in the dunes.
So if anybody wants to join - welcome!

Monday, 16 August 2010

beach kitsch

I call it beach kitsch - it is unfair I know. I like them - but I do love my plastic litter works. These are relativly simple to produce and it brings a little money, because thats what tourists want to see. Beach romanticism. It is so understandable.

pre-plastic garbage place

At the moment my studio is opened for the tourists. I am not able to work because every fifteen minutes someone comes for a visit - which is in fact wonderful. Because of the cruiseliners it is a mixture of different nationalities. Really nice! Last week dutch and american, yesterday french, today spanish.