Monday, 22 September 2014

intern.coastal cleanup day 2014

It was foggy all over the sea. Not that much litter like the other times. Good News? Usually the beaches are cleaned-up by the tourist bureau during summer. Most of the trash I found are candy wrappers, coffee to go, picnic. The season with the interesting litter starts today with strong winds from the Baltic sea. Summer is over!!!

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  1. Well done! It's a heck of job cleaning up the beach. Nice to see you're posting again, too, I missed your blog! By the way, I got hooked on Instagram this summer, and have "met" a lot of people there who are also cleaning beaches and posting photos of the things they find. If you're interested, check out @litterati, @newquaybeachcombing and @trashybeach for starters. (And I'm @JennSBooher because I like to keep things simple.) The #beachcombing hashtag also has interesting posts.