Sunday, 22 September 2013

ICC shoe parade

The weather was fine. Interesting litter/trash. A wonderful collection of flip-flops. And strange: 2 similar surfing shoes but only left ones?!? A lot of sweets plastic sheets. International trash: Brazilian sweets, Swedish water bottle, Turkish food container. But most of all German sweets. Some were to disposed to pick up - the sun is working fast to destroy the plastic - it becomes porous and all tiny pieces go into the sand only visible under a microscope.
A strange organization made a beach clean up in Warnemuende: a cruising liners company! AIDA Cruises. Cruise liners are known to be environmental pigs. This "green washing" is perverse. And: the beaches in Warnemuende are cleaned up daily during the season - so there has been no litter at all to clean up?!? Just a PR show.
It makes me a bid angry.

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